Wrocław is on the up and up as regards transport. Served by it's own airport (with a new 3-storey terminal) only 13km from the city centre, a gorgeous, recently-modernised train station and one of the country's only major highways connecting it to Berlin to the west and Kraków to the east, it's never been easier to get to or from Wrocław. Several trains depart to Germany and Czech Republic each day, the city is a hub for Polski Bus, and also boasts a comprehensive and easy to use tram system.

By plane

Wrocław can boast one of Poland's most efficient and modern airports, the new terminal can handle over 3 million passengers annually and is Ryanair’s first hub in Poland. Wrocław airport has direct connections with Barcelona, Bolonia, Copenhagen, Dortmund, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Venice, Warsaw.
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By train

Wrocław is well-designed for train travel, boasting a gloriously renovated main train station that was at one time the largest in Europe. Located just south of the market square, from here it is possible to catch quick domestic connections to Kraków (3.5hrs), Warsaw (4hrs) and Poznań (2.5hrs), but international destinations like Berlin and Prague require a changing of trains.

By car

One of the only major highways in the country, the A4 connects Wrocław with Berlin (via Legnica) and Kraków (via Opole and Katowice). Free parking is basically non-existent, though some hotels have limited parking spaces; check when booking your room.

Public Transport

Wrocław's public transport system is easy to use and fairly extensive, with 120 bus lines and 23 tram lines. You'll rarely need trams or buses to get around the Old Town, but some sights (like Centennial Hall) are located outside the centre. Major hubs for trams and buses include the main train station, Pl. Dominikański, and Pl. Jana Pawła II. Buses and trams run roughly from 04:00 to 00:00, with irregular night buses running after that.
A single fare ticket is 3zł, though note that night buses cost 3.20zł.