Conference dinner


The Conference dinner during the 8th Conference of the European Hydradenitis Suppurativa Foundation will take place in Africarium, which is the first oceanarium in Poland and the only one in the world devoted to the flora and fauna of just one continent.
Africarium is a globally unique complex, depicting varied ecosystems related to an aquatic environment of the Dark Continent. The coral reef ecosystem was created in a reservoir with capacity of million liters of water, where one can admire over 60 species of beautiful and colourful fish.
Before refreshments we will stroll through the Africarium to observe: the common hippopotamus, remarkable aardvark frequently confused with South American giant anteater, colonies of naked mole-rat – extraordinary rodents, the aquaria with endemic fishes from lakes of the Great Rift Valley and the smallest antelope - dik-dik. We will marvel at green sea turtle, sharks, but also brown fur seal and African penguin. We will hope to catch a glimpse of jellyfishes, moray eels or quaint species of fish such as red lionfish. The reservoir is also inhabited by crocodiles and African manatee – uncanny, herbivorous mammal also known as a mermaid. Recently, all the species were joined by numerous birds.
It is a rare opportunity to host you in a such exquisite place. We truly welcome you to join us!

Conference dinner fee is 70 € and covers:
  • transfer to and from venue to dinner location and back
  • 3 course dinner with wine and drinks

6:00 PM - Closing time for trasport from Novotel Hotel to Africarium 

Address for taxi transport: 
1-5 Wróblewskiego Street
VIP Gate